About Us

Prosperitus Solutions is headquartered on the Southwest side of San Antonio, Texas and serving the Department of Defense since 2011.   Prosperitus employs more than 100 staff nationwide with footprints in over 8 states.

Mission Statement:   To attract and ignite talent resulting in prosperous solutions for our customers and community.

Our skill-sets cover:

• Medical Services
• Information Technology
• Logistics
• Finance
• Marketing
• Human Resources 

We have put together a Lean Experienced Corporate staff with one mission, to provide Exceptional Service to our customers and foster long lasting profitable partnerships with our teaming companies.

Our Logo Represents Our Values

Prosperitus has chosen the Spiral Petroglyph as its logo. “The Spiral” is found in every culture throughout the world and is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflecting the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral symbol, our logo represents our VALUES:

  • Our evolving journey in life, with customers, employees, team members
    • Value people, trust the journey, enjoy life
  • Never ending pursuit for success and excellence
    • Producing effective and high quality results to our clients
  • Always creating and building on relationships Communicate, trust and nurture
    • Continuously striving for growth, personally and professionally
  • Be accountable, authentic and passionate about what you do.
    • Creating an Upward Spiral of Worth Community, Customers, Self

Proudly Serving...


  • 1014 Peabody Avenue
  • San Antonio, TX 78211


  • Phone 210-468-2660
  • Fax 210-247-9347

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