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Dr. Krystal K. Nerio

Dr. Krystal K. Nerio,

Gina Nerio

Gina A. Nerio,
Director of Operations

Jazmin Delgadillo

Jazmin Delgadillo,
Payroll/HR Specialist

About the Company

Prosperitus Solutions is an established small business with over 40 years of experience working with federal, state and local government agencies providing human capital. Founded by Dr. Krystal K. Nerio in 2011, our range of workforce solutions and geographic coverage has grown steadily over the years to match the needs of our customers, mainly in the areas of logistical support, medical and professional services.  Our expertise has expanded into an array of consulting solutions, including recruitment, human resource management and credentialing.  Being a Veteran-Owned company, Dr. Nerio has made it a focus to place Veterans and their dependents into the workforce to assist with transition into civilian life.


  • 1014 Peabody Avenue
  • San Antonio, TX 78211


  • Phone 210-468-2660
  • Fax 210-247-9347

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